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Hello world!

WOW…the title that WordPress gives as a sample first title reminds me of a  lot. It reminds me of music, my life, but most of all it reminds me of God…the Trinity.

Let’s start with music….specifically it reminded me of the Steve Warnier song “Welcome to the World”. That song reminds me daily or at least every time I listen to it that the world is and will be crazy and we have do what we need to with it. In general, I love music for many reason but most of all because it gives me away to escape the chaos around me in a safe and fun way. Regardless of my mood, I can normally find at least one song in my Itunes library that fits it. Because of that I feel that my music choices tell the world “Hello World this is what I am and how I feel!!!”

More on that later…in another post….more like several. Onto my life, the confusing, complex, and intense life of me. As the daughter of an American Solider, I am very passionate about what I believe in, have been gifted with an amazing childhood traveling, and am now figuring out what all this means to the adult world and how I interact with it. As a Catholic young lady, I find myself trying to find the balance between my spiritual life and the materialistic one. How do I live up to HIS expectations and still not feel like I am an oddity in a sea of ‘Barbies’. Both challenges I am sure that I will blog more about.

And finally, best of all : GOD. I could say a lot but I am not sure what I should or could say. All HE wants is a chance to change our lives, a chance my parents gave for me over Twenty years ago and one I gave him over five years ago.

For now…Hello World….AGAIN!!! YES again I am trying the blogging thing again…we shall see how well it goes.


2 Responses

  1. well I guess I should leave a comment …. but …. i dunno …. i dont really feel like it ….. oh ….. wait ….. this IS a comment! hehe … so I commented! =)

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