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The Ramblings of a TCD

Below is the summary of what I typed in one of my other blogs by the same title as this post:

It seems that every couple months I get the feeling that something is missing. I wonder what it is and then move on. I try blogging; it helps for a bit and then i forget or get too busy with my life: my job and academics.  Any way this blog is going to filled with randoms things I find interesting, important, funny, or overall necessary. Some of it will be based on my life, some of it on my faith, and some of it on the overall state of whatever I chose.

But as another brief overview, I am an Army Brat (PROUD TO BE ONE) and will forever be one. On top of that I am Roman Catholic (again proud to be), spazztic, overall energic, do way too much, sleep way too little, and well….we shall see throughout this journey what I am on any given day.

On June 14, 2009…I sat in Church listening to a homily on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, which made sense because that day was the feast of Corpus Christi. The fact that the homily was on that topic nor that it was semi-scolding surprised me; it was the fact that it was the first time that I felt at home at St. William of York in a long long time. Now that feast day was the perfect one to for me to feel welcome home again at because  it was this feast day that came to be because of a doubting Priest. It reminds me that even those in the Holy Orders have doubts…or at least can doubt.

So…I guess this means it is possible to have TWO parish homes…both have amazing communities … one large the other small. As I am active in both, I find myself happy to be have such a welcome home from Our Lord.

On June 20th I blogged about the fact that I had been engaged in amazing conversations with God, which has lead to much but best of all some amazing music, a blog to follow, and a way (or many) to become more spiritual. At mass that day, it was like God was talking straight to me through Father D. The homily was a mix of things but one thing really stuck me: No is an acceptable answer. Fr. D. was talking about No as an answer to a prayer but it applies to commitments and life in general.

Accepting and Saying No are both things I am having trouble with.  Accepting no from a person is hard but even harder is accepting NO or simply no answer at all from the Heavenly father. During that summer (2009), I was very busy with summer courses’ homework, Girl Scouts, and life in general. I experienced the need to say no; a lesson that i am not sure I will ever truly comprehend but hey, one just needs to keep trying.


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