WOW…it is that time of year again! As I write this I am in GA with one of my best friends’ family. This is not the last nor the first time I have not spent the holiday with my whole family. The story of a Military Brat’s life.

I have celebrated this holiday as well as others across the globe. Granted this is not a holiday that normally sticks in my mind but I do have a couple memories. Whether it is with snow or rain or sleet nothing stops families (at least mine) from gathering to give Thanks (cheesy I know). I have memories of just the three of us at Fort X or Base X mixed with the extend family (as it grew) at Grandmom’s house, even a memory of flying to the states and missing a week or so of school to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Although I missed a week or more of school (yes I am that much of an academic that it bothered me), I think that the Thanksgiving that we flew to the states to join family in celebrating Thanksgiving was my favorite or at least one of my favorites. Granted that was also probably one of my harder Thanksgiving particularly because the reason was thankful that year was also the reason I was not thankful. But I suppose that makes sense with units deployed and soldiers dying but I being the ” ‘STRONG’ Military Brat that I am” I played strong and had fun.

Back to this Thanksgiving… while I missed being surrounded by my family, I was surrounded by an amazing family that welcomed me even though they did not even know me.  A truly welcoming family, almost a military family in terms of accepting anyone with a moment notice, that reminded me of a lot. A lot of memories that I will be enjoying remembering and might share or might not. But today I had a lot to be thankful for: starting with my biological and adopting family; my friends; MY military branches (yes I am possessive); a week of school (although at the same time I hate it); and BEST of all God. There is SO much I am thankful but those are the current top five.

UPDATE: Go check out this Thanksgiving with a Twist…it will give you an idea of what I am talking about with holiday memories.


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