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The Downhill Battle

As a college student this time of year is the busiest time of year for me. I have found that do to that my mind wanders around a lot during this time. Therefore…I am now officially on the whirlwind downhill battle of a balancing act…called my life during the Finals.

To start, I did indeed have an amazing thanksgiving and break. I was able to enjoy being away from the constant go-go of school and my job. I loved riding the horses, get some homework done, and even get sleep. I met some of my best friend’s friends. It was not as productive as it could have been but it was a lot less stressful then typical. However, then end was long and kinda stressful: 14 hours in a car, a trip that should have been 7-8 hours even though we stop for lunch at another friend’s house. To illustrate how bad it was…it took us 4 hours to make it a distance that typically takes no more than an hour and a half, granted that is the story of travelling Thanksgiving Sunday.However there were some highlights : Singing “Do I” with all of the appropriate answers; having more than one theme song for that trip : “Gotta feeling” and “Fifteen” were two of them; AND seeing a Skittles-mobile.

That was a great start to my “downhill battle”…..it is a battle to balance everything and downhill because it will keep getting shorter and shorter (or closer and closer to break/finals). The nice thing is I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but the sad thing is the is a TON to do before that gets here….so yeah….FUN (plz note the rolling of eyes). SO with that…I sign off to do the good thing a get sleep.

P.S. Coolness on the military stats: I am proud to be the daughter of a member of largest (statistical) branch of the military.


2 Responses

  1. Skittles-mobile???? really???

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