A mess!

***All views posted below are mine own or belong to the individual blogger who wrote them. They do not reflect the opinion of any federal organization or anyone but me and the individual bloggers!****

Let me tell you I do not want to be part of it but….I do think it is worth knowing about.

I typically try to keep my political views to myself and I will for the most part.

I do have to say when you makes cadets fall asleep, we might need to reevaluate when, what, and how you are addressing things as well as possibly even your policies. But the bigger question is what are the reasons being having that specific address happen at West Point, I mean there were other logical places.

Two of my fellow bloggers have their own views on the policy and reasons which you can read here and here. However one cadet got an idea before even listening to the speech, while his fellow is getting a little annoyed about the wait, understandably so this close to finals and everything.


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