Book Talk

I have read a lot books in my life. Some forced others not….
I thought that I would write my thoughts about some of the books I have read….this one is a children’s book called “Alexander, Who’s Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move” by Judith Viorst

This book is the second one in a series ( i think).  Now I am not one to regularly pick up a children’s book but I was loooking for one for a lesson plan, I was writing about evolution and my teacher had brought in piles of books for us to go through on all sorts of topics. I saw the title and thought might not work for my lesson plan but I have to read this and see what it is all about. It turned out that it was a great stress reliever and a fantastic trip down memory lane.

Basically Alexander’s family is moving and he does not want to. Man does that bring back memories. Aleaxnder goes through the books stating that he will not be moving and is only going through the motions to semi-behave….in the end he adapts and gives in and says this is the last time he is moving. He is worried about losing his friends, and basically everything he sees as making him who he is.

This book makes me nostalgic. It captures the emotions of a young child that does not want to move. A feeling that a lot of military brats share with Alexander; one even I did at times. I do not any more, matter of fact I miss it but at one time I did feel that way, like my life was being destroyed. Although I always did think of it as a great adventure to be had and I got better at making friends and packing.  Both amazing skills to have and have served me well in the past, now, and will continue to do in the future.

Back to the review, I would suggest this this book for any child but specifically military child or any child who will be moving. Overall fantastic writing, plot, and pictures. This book could be used in many ways for a lesson plan including one on evolution. writing, or literacy skills.


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