The Countdown Continues….

Now which Countdown am I talking about? All of them.

The Countdown until the end of the semester…ie the end of finals. This countdown is great and scary at the same time. This countdown means the end of the stress at least for a bit but it also means that I only have 3 semesters left of my undergraduate education. I am not sure I am ready for that part. But getting rid of the stress would be fantastic (note: to self figure out how to deal with stress and get more sleep).  Now this countdown has had some help: My mom has been sending e-cards every day (since December 2); starting yesterday, my bosses have been starting putting things in little stocking that they decorated for us (me and my fellow RAs) and of course there is my personal to-do list. One week, two papers, and three finals until it is all over for now.

The countdown until Christmas is  on a roll. I am looking forward to Christmas as always but I am not sure what is most important this year. If it is enjoying with my parents and dad’s family or the presents or just the overall feeling of the season: the reminder of Christ’s birth. I also have much help with this countdown. In some ways the e-cards my mom has been sending daily; the chocolate Advent calendar my best friend’s bought us (one each: her brother, her and me); the card advent calendar that my Uncle’s long-time Girl friend; and Church, through the 4 Sundays of advent. Therefore: whatever number emails left (who knows how many of those I will get (nice surprises)); 13 more chocolates; 13 more windows; and two more Sundays (one is two days away!).

Happy Holidays and Have a Blessed Rest of Advent…


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  1. We are now down to who knows how many e-cards, 2-5 more gifts in my stocking, 1 paper and 1 final until I am done!!!
    Also…. 8 more chocolates, 8 more windows, and one more Sunday until Christmas.

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