Why me…..Why NOW!!!

Personal crises always come at the WRONG time let me tell you. Of course we never want them to happen but WHY do they have to show up when you have better more important things to do or deal with. At this moment I can not say much except the fact that IT came at the WRONG time although there was not really a good time for it anyway. I now get to spend the whole month so of break and worry….even though I know that I have done or will have done everything that I can and should do at this point. But what made it worse (other than the fact that it came during FINALS) was that the news was delivered through an email.

The good thing that came out of this mess so far is that I have discovered another person on campus that can and will support me, listen to me, let me rant, and offer advice if needed. So something good really does come out of every bad thing. Sometimes it is clearer than others.

In better news….my students at the middle school that I was student-teaching at this semester, LOVED me. They had a blast, according to their teacher. Another clue was the fact that they all signed a card for me telling how much fun they had. The funny thing is when their teacher gave them the card to sign, they all asked if I was sick! They care!! I always cherish that card. I have student-taught before but the other experiences were more observation, this one was TEACHING!! This card was a the perfect thing at the perfect time.


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