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2 Feet and counting!!!

So has of right now!!! There is TWO feet of snow and counting in my hometown! It brings back memories of snow storms in NY! This amount this quickly is typically something that VA does not see!

I arrived home at 4 A.M. this morning after leaving  my college at 4 P.M. TWICE in one year I have had a RIDICULOUS travel time! 12 HOURS this time and 14 last time.

It took me 4 hours, actually over that to make it to Rockville, VA (less than 20 miles away from Richmond). That is more than the entire trip total should have taken. At this point, I had driven over ice several times and slid and glided several times and stopped twice to scrap ice off my windshield. I made the decision to stop when I realized that I could barely see and I was so scared that I was gripping the steering wheel very very very hard. I pulled off at the next exit that had a gas station. Of course the gas station, I pulled over at was closing up. Apparently during one of the times that I was slipping and slidding I had scrapped or hit something cause the plastic on the front bumper was hanging down and there was dirt and grass caught in it.

At this point, I called my dad to tell him I was too scared to drive! After he said he and my mom were on the way, I finished scrapping the ice of the car and got back in and proceeded to wait for them to come.

Everyone and I mean, lot of cars and trucks began to pull off and clean their windshield off : Mostly other college students on their way home.

When my parents arrived, my dad drove my car to a covered parking lot about two exits up the road and then we unloaded my car into the truck and headed home.

Achievement of the trip is the fact that even with the getting stuck in snow and sliding and gliding; I still only stalled 1 time that was not due to the snow and maybe 3-5 times due to snow. And the none of snow time was at the very beginning of the trip. It turns out that all of my issues stemmed from the fact that my Saab was literally plowing the snow towards then end.

So…summary of trip: 4 hours driving….4 hours waiting….4 hours riding! WHAT a trip!!!

During the trip to Rockville I had said the entire rosary at least 10 times not to mention the 40 plus times that I said the Hail Mary and multiple times I said prayers to St. Kilian. I have to be thankful that my faith has grown as much as it has in the past 6-8 months….otherwise last night would have been an even harder adventure!  Blessings to all….particularly my bosses for letting me leave for Christmas Break early. I hope that those traveling get home safely!

UPDATE : (December 27, 2009)—Turns out that I did a lot more damage to Sam (my car), than I thought! Still not sure the total extent of the damage but I do know that the fog lights are damaged and then plastic part of the front bumper is hanging lower than I thought or remembered!! However, I have rescued her from Rockville!!! She is HOME!!


10 Responses

  1. Praying is always a good thing, and I’m glad you were able to get so much of it in, and that your faith was at such a point that you thought to pray during your adventure.

  2. Interesting Saint choice… but I know you have your reasons. Most people would say the Prayer to St. Christopher when traveling. You could have called me to talk and to pray with you.
    I do have to say you’re an Amature Winter-storm driver. 😛

    • I have to say that I picked MY saint because I have a more personal relationship with him for many reasons. As for calling you, not in my car! I do not have a hands-free device that works for me. And besides personal rule of not talking on the phone when I am driving for the most part.

      Alright I accept being called an AMATEUR but for being so…I have to say that I did a much better job driving then 99.5% of the other people on the road!!!

      • I have to say yes you did. Because you are safe and sound. But I was talking about calling me when you stopped. But I guess I didn’t clarify that clearly.

        Just don’t do what I’ve done in the past.

        1. Drive into corn fields on purpose and blamed it on the snow.

        2. Do 360’s and 180’s just for kicks and giggles in an empty parking lot.

        3. Drive through a snow storm, past a salt truck that was plowing roads, and all of that in the middle of the night.

        4. Drive through a blizzard just to talk 20 mins to a Air Force recruiter… oh wait. 😛

  3. Oh yeah interesting Saint too because doesn’t that fall on your birthday?

  4. Yes that’s what I meant. I don’t remember which saint, I just thought it was an interesting saint choice.

  5. […] This post has been a work -in-progress over the past couple months….A lot has happened to show me/test my faith. Two major things: One which I can not talk about but has been a struggle to deal with ever since  and the other was driving/riding home from college in the massive snow storm. […]

  6. […] get home without needing to call her parents to have them come get her. This time instead of being snow it was Sam’s clutch. Thanks dad for teaching me what to do when that happened. I was able to […]

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