Faith………and NCIS

The fantastic thing about being home for Christmas and being on break is I now actually have time to watch tv. I am addicted to military related tv shows.


NCIS: Faith Episode Recap on

This show was fantastically done as always. The script was wonderfully written to cover the religious issues without slamming them in the audience’s faces. The audience was also give a reminder that family should always be there for family no matter how strained the relationship is.  A Christmas dream come true reminds the audience that not every little boy and girl or Mom and Dad or for that matter person get to spend their holidays with loves ones. The closing image of Gibbs and a huge DUFFEL of gifts (all wooden) is heartwarming and a great reminder of the fact that not every child gets a gift on Christmas day!!! With that said : GIBBS is Santa!!! 😉

NCIS is a favorite show of mine as is it’s spin-off NCIS:LA!!!

Thanks to the producers and everyone for remembering our men and women in uniform that are overseas this holiday!!!

Happy Holidays Ya’ll


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