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What do you remember about your childhood Christmases? What is your favorite memory?

Mine it is hard to pick….mostly because I have celebrate Christmas across the world with and without family. It is a tye between 2000 (Florida- Disneyland) and 2004 (Christmas dinner with Soldiers).  Disneyland was my big gift in 2000. It was the perfect gift because I was young enough to enjoy it without being too old to think it was dorky or stupid. Christmas Dinner with the soldiers is a special memory because I heard the “you touch her your dead” speech for the first time (If you are a MB then you then you know it as the Bazooka speech). That Christmas was the first one that I was sick during!!! I HAD this habit of getting what seemed to be the flu EVERY single Christmas for most of my childhood well into my teenage years. In 2004, we got a FAKE tree and I was not sick; turns out that I am allergic to Christmas trees!

This year, like the past five years, we spent Christmas day and the following day at my grandmother’s (Dad’s mom). With sixteen people, Christmas can and does get pretty hectic and loud, which annoys me!! But this year was better, not great but much better. Although,I would really appreciate it if my Grandmother would buy a FAKE tree. 🙂

A Late Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from an Army Brat!!!


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