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The ending of another decade

GOOD BYE 2009 and HELLO 2010!!!

In 1989 — I was born!! ( 😮 broke a rule 😉 that I set for my self when blog….oh well) There I do not remember that end of a decade! Other than being born…. I was baptized! I sure i did other things like learn to walk or at least crawl but we would have to discuss that with my parents or consult the picture albums.

Over then next ten years, I would move four times. Start school and go to five different schools, join Girl Scouts, start ice skating, try ballet, start soccer, and attempt rock climbing; Not to mention get hearing aids (that is right I am hearing-impaired) .  I received my first communion and first reconciliation!!

In 1999–  I will have to say that I do not remember New Year’s Eve…logically so do to the fact that I was most likely asleep.

Over the next decade— I would move 2 (if you count college 3) times, go to 4 (counting college 5) different schools, earn both my Silver and Gold Awards (as well as many other awards/pins)(G.S), Bridge for the final time (G.S), got trained as and became a G.S. camp counselor, graduate from H.S with honors, picked colleges, went to college, stop skating and playing soccer (except for the pick-up games and random times on the ice), start Horse-back riding and rock climbing, watch the twin tower collapse on 9/11, became a Resident Advisor, and made millions of memories.  I also got confirmed!!! I also began helping with CCD classes, VBS, and joined CYO!

Over the past two decades, I also got to see my father get promoted three times and retire from Active Duty.

In 2009—we shall see if I make it to Midnight….but all of ya’ that do and are OLD enough to drink have some bubbles for me!

The next decade IS going to be FABULOUS!!! I can not wait to see what GOD and I do with it!!!

Have A Blessed (and Happy) NEW YEAR !!!!


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