A weekend of movies!

New Year’s Eve, I watched Pelham 123… rather The Taking of Pelham 123. Great Story! Fantastic action mixed with a polosiable storyline that flowed. The picks for actors was great.

Sherlock Holmes (Jan 1) WAS FANTASTIC!!! It was perfect mix of action and wit/wisdom. Not sure if it was based on an actualy Sherlock Holmes story but it did indeed portray the characters appropriately!!

I got to see Inglourious Bastards, later that night. I have to say that the accents were great…..Wunderbar!!! It was very harilious and seem relistic story wise but was indeed fiction.

There was the rewatching of Quantum of Solace. It was just as good as it was the last time I saw it. Although I do have to admit that prior to watching ti this time….I only vaguely remember seeing it, which tells you how overworked/busy I am!!

And tonight (Jan 3), Julie and Julia was watched. There was much laughter!! Meryl did a fantastic job playing Julia Child. The two stories mesh well and followed fantastically.

With all this movie watching, I have come along quite well on my Cross-stitching project: A patriotic sampler!! You see this project has been on my plate so to speak for at least 10 years in many ways. I started it when I was little and then messed up and gave up. My mom helped me start over…all over and now I have been working on it on and off for the past about 5 years, mixed in with about 4 other major projects (two college seals (mine) and a Gold Award project, as well as an Old Glory cross-stitch project). Anyway…over the past four days while watching the movies (all but Sherlock…since that was seen in a movie theater), I was able to work on pieces of the sampler. I had lot done before but now can finally see it come to life!!!


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