Shoes….rather lack there of

Servant and Steward: Shoes from Satan

I am glad that I am the only one that feels like shoes are useless…ok maybe not useless but I really am more comfortable without shoes or at least shoes that come off easily like sandals or flip-flops. Granted as a Military Brat, runner, and girl scouts as well as a young lady with manners (sometimes), I know that shoes have their uses and are in fact necessary at times.

I like most females above  12 or for that matter an age have more than my fair share of shoes: many kinds, colors, and all. And I do have to have the perfect shoe for every occasion or at least one that looks more then okay. Even with that said… class or meetings I find myself thinking…if only I was not wear shoes. I have been know to wander the dorm…or even the academic buildings without shoes when I thought I could get away with it. The minute my shoes can come off they do.


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