‘Choosing Life’

The following video, I am posting to remind us all of the reasons that the March for Life tomorrow is important! Before I tell you anything else, I must warn you that is a tear-jerker of a story.

While the family was not blessed with very long with their child, they were given time with that ‘angel’. I believe that this video is a beautiful but hard reminder about why every child is a gift from God and deserves the right to be born even to only life a little time.

It is a video of one couple’s decision to bring their child through childbirth despite knowing that he had at most days to live, and possibly only minutes. But they wanted those moments….possibly days to meet and spend with their son.


As Father Maurer says “Sometimes great suffering in itself reveals the meaning behind it.”

I can not say that it would not hurt to bring a child into the world under those circumstances but I can say that I would not it; not only because of my Catholic faith but because of my deep belief from conception until death EVERYONE has the right to live.

Please remember that YOU are alive because your Mom decided to keep you!!!


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