March for Life

Today members of both of my parishes and many others around the United States converge on Washington D.C. to March for Life!! A walk meant to make an impression on the lawmakers- A reminder of a decision made January 22, 1973 (37 years ago!) , Roe vs Wade.

In an Address to the Italian Pro-Life Movement on 12 May 2008, Pope Benedict XVI stated:

Not only has permitting recourse to the termination of pregnancy not solved the problems that afflict many women and a fair number of families, but it has also made another wound in our society, unfortunately, already burdened by deep suffering.

I pray especially today that America and the whole world will be the beauty of the Dignity of Life and although I can not be with those faithful in Washington D.C due to educational obligations, I will be praying the rosary for you all and the ‘lost generations’ as well as the Dignity of Life. I also join the March Virtually through this site.

A thanks for Fr. Z over at “A Beggar for Love” and “Servant and Steward” for finding…rather catologuing Pope Benedict’s memorable and important quotes.


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