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Brownies and Burnt Popcorn…..

So I am back at Campus….if the burning popcorn was not clue enough; then perhaps the fact that my feet hurt like the dickens and I have a pounding headache is a clue. 140 Brownie Girl scouts later, I have survived my first Saturday back on campus and my third Brownie Day on campus.  As always I wonder why the parents feel that they ALL have to show up. I mean each group only needs one adult maybe two because there are station leaders that ARE legally adults as well. Not to mention that due to time issues and such, not all of the station leaders were not prepped as the could have been. Granted the experience is always a trip down over 15 years of memories and a great way to get a free t-shirt as well as an experiment in the educational system of America…for example: about 25% of the girls today had no clue what primary and secondary colors were much less which colors were which. The girls did love the ‘cave’ of blankets I made using the table and most of my blankets to guarantee darkness so that they could see the color flashlights and color combinations using them.

Yet another clue that I am back on campus is my life as gone from semi-peaceful to semi-stressed. Although my schedule this semester is lighter than normal, I do have what equates to a full time job: I am a resident advisor. I also am the Director of a program run by my college for local school system…so I am a bit busy plus being involved in a leadership program, which is hosting a conference soon, which I have to be at. Granted I look forward to it, mostly cause the conference as been fantastic every year and I am ‘addicted’ to leadership things.

The final clue, other than the fact that I am sitting in my dorm room, is that I sung in the choir for the first time in over a month. The church here is about 10th of the size of the one at home plus it does not have daily mass like at home. However, just as welcoming, beautiful and simplistic like home. Mass was a little long…rather I was a little tired due to being on my feet all day….and the homily was packed full and I am going to say that I missed 75% of it due to the priest talking WAY to quickly.


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