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Leadership, Snow, and Back to Kindergarten

So…..by the end of Saturday we had over a foot of snow!

Going to the Leadership Conference here on campus was interesting; walking in the snow in heeled boots, fancy clothes, and a dress coat was entertaining.  The director of the leadership conference was called me the ice queen. We did not get all of the participant and one of the speakers. The conference as always was well put together. The food was FANTASTIC this year. While I was listening to the speakers, i was thinking about the number of conference I have been to in my life so far, I believe the number is about 11 or so conferences which….means I may have a passion or addiction to leadership. I mean lets face it : 15 plus years as a Girl Scout and earning all or the available leadership pins and badges, plus participating in Army leadership programs, and High school as well as national leadership programs all before College and now in the leadership program here and in a leadership position (or two)….I would say passion/addiction ;).

After the conference, We all made the trek back to our residential building, at which point I discovered that I would not be going to mass, not only because I had declared it unsafe but because Father had cancelled it for safety reasons. Which left me time to do whatever I wanted….therefore I choice not to be academic and watched the 4 episodes of season 8 of 24, which was relaxing and aggravating because I figured out the answers before they did and to have to wait to see what they do for over three episodes was annoying but entertaining…..and I am not even to the end yet. I now have to wait for the new episodes while going back to finding the first 7 seasons :).

Then after much debate about whether or not we were even going to host our Saturday Late Night program, I and the other SVEA members made the trek to set up the program in the rec room at our gym. We had finger paints, play dough, games, and coloring books as well as goldfish, ants-on-a-log, fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, and PB& J’s plus juice boxes. All in the theme of “Be a Kid” although to be honest is was a great view back at Kindergarten. 🙂 We all had blast. I did everything including finger painting! Although our program ended earlier than normal, it went wonderfully and well attended.

After a good rest, I cleaned my room and wandered through the snow with my Freshman-year roommate looking and identifying trees.

In all….A good weekend.


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  1. ah to be a kid again 🙂

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