Silent Star

In the 1940s, the small Pennsylvania town of Haven is rather subdued with their young men facing battles in far-away Europe. Young Andy Gilbert, burdened with his job of delivering telegrams bringing the news of those missing or killed in action, faces the coming holidays with dread and discouragement. With each new message he must deliver- met by screaming mothers, grief-stricken wives, and weeping families–he longs to join the ranks of the numbered dead. Only one elderly woman recognizes the pain and suffering tormenting Andy–and it is through her wisdom that the stars again can shine for Andy and for a town that desperately needs the hope those stars represent. for Silent Star by Tracie Peterson

This is a fantastic but bitter-sweet story. It reminds us to look past the cover….rather job title and look at the person. Just because someone has a job that you dislike does mean that you should treat them horribly; always remember the Golden Rule. As you never know who they really are….Or the fact that they two are supporting the cause in whatever way they can. As much as their job makes brings you pain, remember that it may also bring them pain too…particularly in this case.

When I grow up, I want to be just like the ‘old’ kind lady in this story. One day I hope I have the courage to stand up and remind people that everyone serves in there own way.

This book is a quick but blessed read. I love rereading this every Christmas season, which I did indeed do this year. It is mildly religious but not in your face.

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