U.S. Air Force—supercomputer from PS3s

U.S. Air Force building supercomputer from PS3s and Turning PlayStations into power stations

The above article is interesting in of it’s own but what attracted me to the article is the fact that I have a personal connection: I used to lived in Rome, NY. My friends want me convice my father to move back there and get a job so that they can play on the supercomputer. 🙂

I have to say that that currently it is warmer in Rome, NY then here at campus.

When I called my father to tell him about the article, my father said that made sense since the research facility was there. I whined and said like I remember much more than the snow, going to school in the snow and the lovely Canadian Royal Air Guard as well as the beginnings of my fancy times in the military and passion for patriotism.


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