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Superbowl views

First let me start with the fact that I am not really a football fan nor do I really have a favorite team.

In response to Two Thoughts on the Superbowl: Neither Involves Chicken Wings; I have a few things to say. I don’t really want to debate this but I don’t want stay silent.

1. I also do hope the Saints win. I also don;t care about stats nor follow them nor I have something againist Peyton Manning (nor do I know much about either team!). However I do have issues with Scott Fujia’s personal views. I am delited that he has a MAsters in Education, as a future educator, and his BA in political science does not hurt either, as a military brat. 🙂 However his support of abortion as me concerned. I am HEAVILY Pro-life. I think that he should remember that he was given the chance to see what he could make with his LIFE!! He should give all future children!! One never knows what they can do: cure cancer….save the world. :):):) However points to him for standing up and speaking up, even if I disagree with him.

2. Points to Tim Tebow for standing up for his views (Pro-life) and his religious views (painting bible verses on his cheeks). Focus on the Family does some amazing work and has some fantastic rescources, so allow me to poliently disagree with your view of the organization being horrible and hateful. They are supportive and kind as well as well-run.  I think you misunderstand HIS religious views! Mrs. Tebow was given a choice and she did chose to keep Tim. The point is she respected her body and God’s gift!!

Although I agree that there is much for Superbowl ads being neutral; since many many people around the world watch the Superbowl it is a fantastic venue to get your point across and seen.

The great thing is that venue was widened this year. The controversial ad that Focus on the Family set up as caused a lto of dialogue  on all of the major television networks, outlets, and SNL!

But what’s most amazing about these charges is that they’re based entirely on conjecture–none of our critics has yet seen the ad! (Beginning on Sunday, after the game, you can access the ad on.) …..

A “win-win” already!
The Super Bowl is the single biggest TV attraction of the year. What better way to reach what many estimate could be 100 million people with a life and family-affirming message? People seeking help with their marriages or children will see a message of hope during one of the biggest family gatherings of the year.

-Tom Minnery (Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy, Focus on the Family) in an email (Feb. 5, 2010)

Even the Catholic Bishops have gotten into the spirit of the fun; read about it at Catholic Super Bowl Spirit. They saw the fun rivalry in the game.


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