Snow Week

So sign that the Global Warming is actually Climate Change!!! Yet again I am looking a snow…I am talking snow similar to that of December 19, 2009 hitting my campus!!

So we got a dusting no more than 2 feet on between last Friday and Saturday as you read about in the post from last week. Then Monday was two hour delayed to allow for ice removal as was Wednesday and Tuesday was delayed one hour. Then Thursday was delayed for power issues in my science building. So overall Riding and Lab is all I saw this week oh and one education class!

Thursday was interesting. At my bi-weekly lunch with the leadership program, our College President came to visit.  It was a question answer session for us.  The president talked about much and answered all of our questions. The key points being: Be not afraid; be willing to tell others bad news as well as hear it!; The leader should be the first to take the hit and the last to take the benefits!

Then Friday morning, Right as I got off duty I discovered SNOW that is RIGHT SNOW! So had to wander into wonderful blizzard that reminded me of my drive home in December to sign out in the office. 🙂 😦  We got about 1 and 1/2 feet of snow.

Don’t get me wrong I love snow and all but I do happen to like learn, even if I complain! Lack of school makes this blogger a little antsy. While I love snow, playing in it for the time being stayed in my childhood. Until I moved to Virginia, I think snow days were a TRULY rare treat if they even happened! Yes even in NY and WA, the snow did not keep school from happening.  On top of being antsy, studying happens but so do distractions and I say oh I can do that later or I have all day!

So even though I enjoyed the snow (at least looking at it 🙂 ), I do have to say that I still have homework, although points to me for the fact that it is homework not due TOMORROW!!!  Rather those points should go to my mom and Flylady and her Student Control Journal! I procrastinate very very much!!! So Flylady is helpful : Baby steps!! 🙂

So my week as been filled was sleep (too much)….painful knees…..lessons in leadership….practice in not procrastination..and surprises! As for the surprises, let us just say they are are lovely and TOTALLY unexpected!!

The true downside of snow in this area is NO MASS!!! This is the second weekend that I have not made to it MASS; both times it because a) it got cancelled; b) I was not digging out my car much less driving in the mess that the snow makes the roads; c) SAFETY!! So online mass on ETWN or the liturgy readings and rosary has been my encounter with God; that and Open Door Service on campus if it happens tonight. 🙂


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