The Ironic Catholic‘s Husband wrote this post about the Free Hugs Campaign. He asks two very good questions :

What would the free hug campaign look like if this guy were a Catholic taking the new evangelization in a new direction? What would the sign say, and what would happen?

Free Hugs Campaign

Found This on Ironic Catholic‘s site: I have to say that it is pretty funny. However it would take all of the peace and joy out of reading the Bible and connecting with the stories and best of all GOD!!


One more from Ironic Catholic. For all of us that needs a reminder why or just wants to know why anyone would be Catholic.

Why am I Catholic?

American Papist gives us the following : Amazing: Kickbee “tweets” when an unborn baby kicks! This is cute and adorable idea! An interesting touch to the experience and a great connection to the fast-pace-ness of these times as well as the society’s addiction to “now-now” and technology.

American Post also brings us:  I Was Born . A lovely reminder that we all were born and should fight for the rights of all to live!

Born – March for Life 2010.


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