From the Olympics to a Vocation

U.S. speedskater took leap of faith” reads the headlines….at least the electronic ones.  A young athlete stepped away from a chance of a lifetime to fulfill a dream of eternity.

Now her Olympic experience has given her ‘street cred’ with youngsters as she gives her religious testament.

I wish Sister Catherine a blessed life!!!


3 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing that! It is really inspirational for me to hear in my vocational discernment and where I am heading in life!

    • I am glad that it was helpful…rather inspirational! I am fascinated by the lifestyle and love to share the inspirational stories when I find them. I have an acquaintance that join a nunnery (i know old terminology) and she inspires me spiritual even though I do not hear from her any more.

      • That is pretty cool. I was always fascinated to with that lifestyle, mostly wondering how someone can do that and how would they know they were called, then here I find myself looking to enter for formation to potentially be a sister.

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