Backseat driving

“you can not backseat drive your own defense.” – The Good Wife (11/24/09)

Granted they were talking about a lawyer running his defense when someone else was representing him, I on the other hand am talking about my religious life. God gives us free will and with this free will….What do we do?

Some of us can handle, others can not, and those of us that do something in between: I totally fall in the third category.

This post has been a work -in-progress over the past couple months….A lot has happened to show me/test my faith. Two major things: One which I can not talk about but has been a struggle to deal with ever since  and the other was driving/riding home from college in the massive snow storm.

As I began to question what I knew and did not know, I found myself growing in Faith!! Now I am NO WHERE near where God would love for me to be I am sure. I am active,  involved, and connected to my faith. I am closer than ever and see the glory is most things.

Today (March 6), I had an amazing conversation with the visiting priest. We talked about what confession really meant. The fact that it is not meant as a scolding or guilt trip but as reminder of God’s love and grace as well as mercy. How confession should not seem to be a chore but a chance to repent and say thanks God for the unconditional love and I’ll try to do better.

Tonight, I wonder what I am doing….while I find my procrastinating yet again….is that exactly what I am doing to God? Am I procrastinating saying “oh I’ll pray later” or “I don’t have time right now”….well I need to find that time…make that time. So what about taking that time that I procrastinate in and turn it into conversation time with God.


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