What A Labster does….

…..on her Spring Break is not always the most logical. So she has homework that she needs to do but hey she is a college student who is trying to destress.

So…Saturday, she continued her streak of being unable to get home without needing to call her parents to have them come get her. This time instead of being snow it was Sam’s clutch. Thanks dad for teaching me what to do when that happened. I was able to get her over to a McDonald’s/gas station. Then after my dad arrived…we played the great game of where is a u-haul??? This was after my dad tried to drive Sam home with me following in the truck.

Sunday…Since I missed Mass on Saturday, I went. Then we went to see the TerracottaĀ Warriors, which turned into a great adventure because we did not realize that DC was a) hosting a St. Pat’s Day Parade b) would blocked a LARGE majority of the city off for it. Overall, It was a niceĀ display. I was delighted to figure out that i knew a lot of theĀ informationĀ basedĀ off ofĀ educationed guesses.

Monday…I went into my old high school to talk with my internship teachers. I can not wait for May and be in a classroom everyday seeing how it really works.

Tuesday….We went to see theĀ ArlingtonĀ Cathedral and went to daily mass. Then we went shopping for shoes, which we found. Then there was scrapbooking. šŸ™‚

Wednesday….was spent atĀ Woodlawn looking at the lovely needlework exhibit.

Thursday …was spent working on getting the house organized and cleaned. I also inputted booking into my computer list of books I own.

I have also spent this week working on my Junior Week costumes, which is another entire blog post or two of it’s own.

Update: (March 22, 2010)…

Friday…We finally picked up my car apparently stick shifts are not just hard to work on BUT Saabs ARE especially hard.

Saturday…I went to see WICKED, which was AMAZING.

Sunday….was the lovely drive back.


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