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Junior Week

Allow me to apologize for the length before hand.

Tradition is that seniors pick a junior and remain secret all week while telling them something silly to dress up as all week to earn their senior robe. Because our Junior week was after Spring Break…some of our seniors were kind of enough to give us our costume/activity list early. Mine was one of those kind ones.

SO I spent Spring Break crafting on top of everything else. Here is what happened.

Monday…I bought supplies.

Tuesday…I bought supplies, found a box, and found shoes for JB as well as teaching. I started my T-shirt for Monday.

Wendesday…Bought more supplies and began spray painting Tuesday and Monday’s things.

Thursday/Friday….glues molecule….painted fume hood….cut/taped my costume for Friday.

Saturday…collected everything I need for my various costumes and spray painted my wand for Thursday.

Then Junior week started!!! Here is the basics:

Monday…I had a blast!!! Be my favorite molecule day!!! Hexachlorocyclopentadeine!

Tuesday…Being a fume hood was a little hard. It was hard to sit with it and move it in.

Wendesday….My knees and I had a fight over moving. I was a member of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Thursday….I got called Madam Ravenclaw a few times. I played quidditch and chased the Golden Snitch around.

Friday….It was Three Musketters day. I was Athos. All For ONE…ONE for ALL!!!

Finally It was Junior Banquet time, what I had been waiting for for 2 3/4 years. I had spent all day getting more and more excited. We (my friends and I) arrived right on time. Dinner was fantastic: Mashed Potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, and two kinds of meat (which I did not eat). They also had humus and veggie pasta for those who were vegitarian or Catholic (since it is Lent).

Then our speaker, the director of alumea relations at school, gave her speech. The cool thing about her was she is a graduate of 1998, so the memories were faded but still very vivid. She had some great advice but even better stories.

Then our Odes were read. This took a long time because there are a lot of us and therefore a lot of Odes.

This is not a dream and you are not dead yet.

Nobody here wishes you were I bet.

In freshman year you probably weren’t quiet.

The military brat knows how to cause a riot.

Second year you slip into RA shoes.

Helping first years chase away the blues.

Third year exhaustion kicks in.

Wanting to slip away to Nevada again?

Your years with us are almost through.

Don’t forget, the answer is 42.

I asked a dear Sophomore friend of mine to write mine. I have to say she did a fantastic job!!!

Best part of the night (short of finding out who my senior was), finally came…WE got our RINGS!!! Tradition is you tye a ribbon to your wrist and the ring connecting the two. Then other people, different person each time, have to turn it away from your ring finger (it is worn on your pinky) until you hit a certian number (in our case 101) and the final time ‘locks it in place’ by turning towards your ring finger, totaling 102 because we are the hundred and twenty-second graduating class. The ring is worn on the left hand until you are engaged and then it moves to your ring hand. It is worn so that you can read the seal (when you look straight down on your hand) when you are ‘on campus’ ie still studying there and so that you can not read the seal when you are ‘off campus’ ie graduated.

Finally, they let our seniors in to give us our robes and baskets. I am only the second person to get my robe. My basket contained all sorts a great goodies: candy, a coffee mug with the caffiene stucture on it, a button, and a gift card.

The night ended with me, my senior, one of her roommate’s, that roommate’s junior, and another junior (the junior of a third roommate) watching part of RENT. We laughed and giggled as well as chatted. They all being legal had drinks as well…I enjoyed the company.


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