Exactly five years ago, I was confirmed adding Kilian to my list of Catholic names.

Let me tell you a story; his story…the reason or rather a reason I fell head over heels in love with the name and my faith.

An Irish monk, St. Kilian was consecrated Bishop, went to Rome with eleven companions in 686, and received permission from Pope Conon to evangelize Franconia (Baden and Bavaria). He was successful, with two followers – Colman, a priest, and Totnan, a deacon – in his missionary endeavors until he converted Gosbert, Duke of Wurzburg, who had married Geilana, his brother’s widow. According to legend, while Gosbert was away on a military expedition, Geilana is reputed to have had the three missionaries beheaded when she found that Gosbert was going to leave her after Kilian had told him the marriage was forbidden by the Church.

So, I fell in love with the fact that the place and the feast day were very important to me personally. However a little more pulled me in, I want his strength, his will, and what a fantastic person to have watching over me.

Bob Rice posted this explanation of the creed on his blog a little over three months ago.  He gives the history of the creed…the history of our…my faith. The willingness of our martyrs to die.

He is right that most of us would not be able to say it alone or even slowly.

I will let him explain the Creed. This is the best, the only explanation I have heard of the Creed.


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