Rule #4: Never say you’re sorry

So Rule # 4 comes from my dear tv friend Gibbs…NCIS Special Agent Gibbs. The man has a rule for everything and it is quite something.

Now….I am not sure I agree with the never say sorry but I do believe that every apologize should have a story behind it; not that that story needs to be told everything or ever but you better have a story.

Now what have I been doing since mid-May you ask….wearing my feet out and it is not going to get better but it is a mighty nice burn; Let me tell you. I have been teaching 3 classes of high school chemistry students everyday (minus weekends and holidays). I have to day that it has been an adventure, a lovely one. But it also has meant that I have a little time between sleep, unpacking/organizing, traveling for the weekend, teaching, and working on the paperwork that comes from teaching.

If that has not been enough of an adventure (and let me say it was), my computer and I had a bit of an adventure…rather make-over….a whole new hard drive and motherboard. So getting back into the swing of things has been slow and entertaining.


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