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What a Labster does….(Part 2)

…….during her summer break is always quite an adventure.

After the graduation of the class of 2010, she drove home, which made for a LONG Saturday. She began her internship at her old high school that Monday teaching Chemistry. WHAT A BLAST!!! I understand why my teachers did their jobs, even when the students are not the most appreciative people in the world. To ALL my teachers past and present, I apologize for me and my classmates. I am where I am today because of some amazing people in my life and my teachers played a huge part in my future goals. With that said; To every student that I have had, will have, and have; remember that there is a reason for what you are learning, ask if you don’t get it.

June began with my internship and ended with Girl Scouts, specifically GS Camp unit leader. As I began to work my internship, I realized I had 8 weeks of summer extra and nothing to do; so I found a job!

July was GS residential camp (grades 6-12) with 2 other unit leaders, 3 counselors and an art counselor plus the admin.

August was GS day camp(grades K-5) with two PAs and an adult and then packing as well as back to school. 🙂

A special view into camp:

Week 1 was staff training. Therefore great bonding combined with boring things with splash of water! First Aid training was just as thrilling as before BUT quite necessary. I am now small craft certified too as well health board certified. 🙂

Week 2 was Camp Scene Investigators in Blackfoot (Adirondacks) with eight girls. This was an adventure! We had a crime scene with a whole backstory. We took fingerprints, shoeprints, and did pH testing; heaven for the labrat in me.

Week 3 was Certifiable in Arapho(cabins) with three girls. We shared our site with another unit which was Director’s Cut, also three girls. This week was a lot of training for the girls and downtime for us, since the training was run by an instructor. They got certified in Pet First Aid, Babysitter Training, and Small Craft.

Week 4 was Wild Wild Sports in Crotan(platform tents) with five girls. We played flashlight tag, glow-in-the-dark football, and even all camp kickball game. This week was also the week of bad whether, so two nights we slept in the staff lodge for safety.

Week 5/6 was Go for Silver unit in Arapho with eight girls. These two weeks got very hot!! We went to bowling and the movie theater (with parental permission). We also spent a lot of time inside reading the Silver journey book: Breathe; talking about air and noise pollution; and discussing/planning their service project.

Week 7 was the junior unit during flip-flop week with 7 girls, one Program Aide as well as an adult for most of the days.

Week 8 was the junior unit during enchanted forest week with 5 girls, one program Aide as well as an adult.

Overall this summer was tiring but a blast!!!!


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