……The goal of every deployment in the eyes of military family. Now of course we ‘understand’ the need for our military to be deploying but seriously, we are generally happier knowing they are safe and in arms reach.

I just, this past weekend, posted about the religious homecoming as well a the college one….I wanted to expand on the military one over here. Let me tell you from a personal view, it is an amazing thing; one of the most blessed amazing days of my life, one I will always remember.

It is not that day that really brought it home that I was really going to get the keep my father in my life for a reasonable amount (2 weeks) of time. It was two months (give or take a few days) on May 16, 200x, the official homecoming. My father marched for the last time in formation with his unit; he worked one of his last protection details; he wore his ‘war face’ one of the last times. I finally had my father home!!!

I will not deny that separation changed me and my relationship with my dad. I will say that it changed me in some amazing ways but in some ways I wish it had not. I feared him coming home, would he know me or would I know him…I don’t me recognize him, I mean would he understand what i was feeling and would I be able to relate to him??? I mean I had survived a lot with him directly there, granted not the first time but this time it was ‘more meaningful’ to me (please keep in mind that I was a teenager). I worried a lot the few weeks before and for several weeks, months, even a few years later; how much did that experience change us?

So in summary: Homecoming is joyful and much awaited but holds a certain fear/concern.


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