Blizzard Bloghop 2011

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I am a crazy spazzastic Military Brat turned College student with little time on her hands. I am very talkative but don’t always make sense. In my multiple year journey through military life, I have lived at seven bases (11 houses/apartments) and gone to 8/9 schools not counting college.

As for my blogging life: I just started (Nov ’09). I blab and blog about my life, experiences, and religion as well as everything in-between!!! In Nov ’10 I decided to separate my religious ramblings and my non-religious ramblings. The religious ramblings can now be found on my second blog, while my non-religious ramblings are on this one.

Questions are welcome from all??? Answers may be slow…although with this snow WHO knows! I do reserve the right not to respond or not fully respond.


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