OH…what to say…I never do know! Actually in conversations, I personally believe that I am actually very good at knowing what to say but in terms of telling people via the Internet I am a little more careful in many ways. So…basically I am a Military Brat (MB) who has seen the world and can not wait to¬†experience¬†more of it. I am a Catholic who is finding her balance and place in a materialistic world where she is watching God slowly disappear.

I am a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and very much enjoy and enjoyed it!!! I am done being a ‘lab rat’ in college as a Chemistry major, Math minor, Leadership Certificate, and ¬†Teacher Licensure, which means that I was typically stressed, worried,¬† brain dead, tried to manage everything, and still managed to get sleep (not ¬†very much). Now, I am a teacher and I still have very little time. My favorite past time in the VERY little time I have is keeping up on what is going on in the government, praying, mediating, reading, more reading, but most of all I just love it when I have time to do anything but grade and go to teach class/eat/sleep.

For more…keep an eye on the posts…


2 Responses

  1. I see you are a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, not many people admit that! Go people like us! As for me, I too see God slowly disappearing from people’s view, but He Himself is not disappearing from the world!

    • Girl Scouts gave me Sisters when I had none…friends when I needed them…and many life lessons. As for God, agreed. I just wish that people could see Him as well as his glory and mercy.

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