“Where are you headed?”

This question was posed to me in Lent of 2015 at the front gate of my local military base. I was headed to the Friday Stations of the Cross and Soup Supper hosted by the CWOC. I was asked by the young Marine who was guarding the gate. It showed me how “different” I am when I no longer have a car with base stickers nor a military ID.

This question brought to mind the continual moving I did and most military families do during the career of the military member. It also reminds me that I am not doing that any more—the next time I make a major move it will be because I choose to due to getting my own place in town (the most likely of the three reasons); getting a job outside of my current area (have a job in the area I am happy with); or getting married.

This question also brings to mind what does the future hold for me? What is my plan? What are my goals in life?

To the first question—the answer is  I have no idea but in true military brat adventure style I look forward to finding out. As for my plan—teaching high schoolers or college students for the rest of my career; a husband and some kids would be nice but I am happy with where I am right now!

Now my goals are a little loftier—I plan on adding a certification to my teaching license (if I can ever pass the test!). After that I plan to go back to school (I am an education junkie apparently) for either a Theology Masters or a Sign Language Certification or perhaps but very unlikely a Phd.

As we journey through Lent, this question of “where are you headed?” takes on another perspective. Where is your spiritual journey taking you?  What is your next step?

I pray that my journey is taking me closer to God and closer to Heaven. These last few years have been testers and strengthen-ers of my faith. The more I learn about my faith the more I love my faith!


YouTube – Third Voice

I feel broken-hearted for all the ladies who feel that this the right choice. I say prayers daily for them and their families as well as friends. I pray that they see God Love for them. I pray that they hear the third voice. I can tell you as a teacher…a camp counselor….a catholic young lady…..no matter how much I wonder why some people got a chance, EVERYONE deserves that chance to be who they were meant to be, to change world( for the good, one hopes).

Freedom Friday

Every time I listen to this song I get chills. Those chills are the same that I get when I seethe cross in Arlington or Normandy! Those chills normally lead to tears. Tears for the sacrifice for those who died protecting my freedoms. The tears stream in happiness and gratitude for the protection and God’s forgiveness as well as ultimate sacrificer.

Top two commandments!

I will let you read the whole thing at Bob Rice’s Blog.

“We always have to realize that the first commandment is the first commandment for a reason,” he said. “When we put the second commandment first, we often put the first commandment at around twelve or thirteen.”

At first I thought he was talking about not taking the Lord’s name in vain, but then I realized he meant the two greatest commandments: 1) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and 2) Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

“And then what happens,” he continued, “we only focus on the first commandment so that we can be more effective with the second, which is still out of order. Our ministry increases but our heart shrivels away, and all we offer in ministry is a bunch of canned goods.”

The above portion is what hit home the most. I may not be in Youth Minsitry (yet….but that is another story) but I definitely get to the point where I put the first commandment comes first only to help the second or just gets forgotten in the day to day stuff.

I seem to forget that God exists except when I need him. Okay so that is a little extreme but it is the basics of what I do. I go through these periods of pray and then no prayer. I mean I understand that life is ever changing but seriously why can’t  I be consistent? Why cannot I continually remember him…for more than the “Dear God…I need/want” times.

If I could only find the peace I see in the eyes of my priests and religious!!!!  I want to live an open and faithful life. I want to be all that I can be. I want to be at peace with every decision that I make.

So I guess it back to ME and GOD time….if only I truly had the time… not an excuse I know but the one I typically use.

Catholic Abstinence

In a recent blog post titled “CNN shocked that some teens not having sex“, Thomas Peters pointed out that even though her given reason for disengeaging is unhappiness, the readers and the author should not ignore the fact that her faith played a role as well.

I have to say a young women in the hook-up culture; I hate it, absolutely, hate it 100%.

The whole story is at CNN but the key points are while most colleges are dominated by the hook-up culture, not everyone participates but 75% of college students or more have participated in the past or are. Good news is that there is a new group out there called Love and Fidelity Network, that at least 12 colleges are part of, which gives out materials on alternatives to hooking up.

Let me say this…I am perfectly happy with NOT hooking up and I DO NOT!!! I can see the emotional and spiritual damage that it does my friends and not want that to happen to me.

Please keep these words in mind.

Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel that you are making the wrong choice practicing chastity before marriage. Any guy who wants to sleep with you, does not love you..NO MATTER what he says!! Also if he does not want to “wait” until you are married, he really does not love you. BECAUSE if you really love someone, you want what is BEST for them, not what is BEST for you alone.

Hollywood Abstinence!

Say “no” to sex scenes? You’re fired! as Jill Stanek blogged. I say AMEN to those actors and actresses that are saying no. They are showing their faith to the world.

In light of all of the ‘bad’ press in terms of Catholic morals, this article reminds me what makes my/our faith so fantastic. We respect humans and respect our body as well as God’s Plan.

Thank you for reminding the world that Catholic’s CAN NOT be bought! We DO stick up for our morals.

Backseat driving

“you can not backseat drive your own defense.” – The Good Wife (11/24/09)

Granted they were talking about a lawyer running his defense when someone else was representing him, I on the other hand am talking about my religious life. God gives us free will and with this free will….What do we do?

Some of us can handle, others can not, and those of us that do something in between: I totally fall in the third category.

This post has been a work -in-progress over the past couple months….A lot has happened to show me/test my faith. Two major things: One which I can not talk about but has been a struggle to deal with ever since  and the other was driving/riding home from college in the massive snow storm.

As I began to question what I knew and did not know, I found myself growing in Faith!! Now I am NO WHERE near where God would love for me to be I am sure. I am active,  involved, and connected to my faith. I am closer than ever and see the glory is most things.

Today (March 6), I had an amazing conversation with the visiting priest. We talked about what confession really meant. The fact that it is not meant as a scolding or guilt trip but as reminder of God’s love and grace as well as mercy. How confession should not seem to be a chore but a chance to repent and say thanks God for the unconditional love and I’ll try to do better.

Tonight, I wonder what I am doing….while I find my procrastinating yet again….is that exactly what I am doing to God? Am I procrastinating saying “oh I’ll pray later” or “I don’t have time right now”….well I need to find that time…make that time. So what about taking that time that I procrastinate in and turn it into conversation time with God.