Blizzard Bloghop 2011

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I am a crazy spazzastic Military Brat turned College student with little time on her hands. I am very talkative but don’t always make sense. In my multiple year journey through military life, I have lived at seven bases (11 houses/apartments) and gone to 8/9 schools not counting college.

As for my blogging life: I just started (Nov ’09). I blab and blog about my life, experiences, and religion as well as everything in-between!!! In Nov ’10 I decided to separate my religious ramblings and my non-religious ramblings. The religious ramblings can now be found on my second blog, while my non-religious ramblings are on this one.

Questions are welcome from all??? Answers may be slow…although with this snow WHO knows! I do reserve the right not to respond or not fully respond.


My goals for 2011

I only 3 non-religious ones. My religious ones can be seen on my other blog!

1. Graduate (ok that is sorta a freebee) and continue to my Masters (working on that)

2. Post a blog post a week on BOTH blogs

3. read one NON-academic book a month and blog about it

Happy New Year All!!

What state are you in?

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked.  ~Author Unknown

This semester I was driving with my Best Friend, M. She and I were laughing and talking and then I went into manic laughter and could not stop laughing. She asked if I was ok. I said I had cracked.

Then we came up with a whole system





There were more but I can remember them but regardless, the point is still the same this semester was/is an adventure. Thanks to everyone who helped me survive it. I only have one presentation and two finals left and I am done.

Talkin’ with hands

Monday night, I had the joy of joining my favorite interpretor for dinner along with his ASL 1 class. There were eight students and then me and V. V has been interpreting the plays for my college for a while and I have gone to see them on ‘his nights’, Sundays every semester (Sunday made 7!) Every semester he teachs me one more word.

Well this semester he got more than one in. We had a silent dinner, so NO talking with your voice! I learned a lot!!! Then he had me tell my story after dinner after they took their ear plugs out.

What an amazing 2 hours!!!


……The goal of every deployment in the eyes of military family. Now of course we ‘understand’ the need for our military to be deploying but seriously, we are generally happier knowing they are safe and in arms reach.

I just, this past weekend, posted about the religious homecoming as well a the college one….I wanted to expand on the military one over here. Let me tell you from a personal view, it is an amazing thing; one of the most blessed amazing days of my life, one I will always remember.

It is not that day that really brought it home that I was really going to get the keep my father in my life for a reasonable amount (2 weeks) of time. It was two months (give or take a few days) on May 16, 200x, the official homecoming. My father marched for the last time in formation with his unit; he worked one of his last protection details; he wore his ‘war face’ one of the last times. I finally had my father home!!!

I will not deny that separation changed me and my relationship with my dad. I will say that it changed me in some amazing ways but in some ways I wish it had not. I feared him coming home, would he know me or would I know him…I don’t me recognize him, I mean would he understand what i was feeling and would I be able to relate to him??? I mean I had survived a lot with him directly there, granted not the first time but this time it was ‘more meaningful’ to me (please keep in mind that I was a teenager). I worried a lot the few weeks before and for several weeks, months, even a few years later; how much did that experience change us?

So in summary: Homecoming is joyful and much awaited but holds a certain fear/concern.

A change

Change is the story of my life, at least as a military brat.

So I have decided to split the blog in two. This one, TCD ramblings, will be mostly military and daily life things. While the new one : handsofworship will be about catholicism, my faith and my journey, and other religious topics.

There will be of course some posts that fit both blogs…I will either blog it on one and link the other blog or blog it separately on both dependent on if I think there is enough to be said that would validate doing so.

HOORAH for change and please bare with me while I work on that change.


9/11/01 ….a date that I will never forget….a date that most Americans will never forget.

I found myself sitting I down to write this post and had no words….

…..even nine years later I find myself at a lost for words to describe what I am feeling and needing to say.

So let me leave it with….Thanks to the men and women in uniform, those who came home and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Thanks you to my father and Friends.