I am fluent….

“….in Army”—how my mom would finish that statement. Matter of fact, when I told her I was looking forward to the “96”, her response what “what?” When I explained that “96” is what the Marine Corps calls a four day weekend. Which gets me the following, “Well I am fluent in Army.”

That statement said it all—We become comfortable with our world the way it is. We learn the words and ways of that world becoming fluent in it. It is that fluency that makes it so comfortable for us. It the fluency that we can fall back on when times get tough; connects us to each other as fellow Army dependents; and gives a sense of community. It can be a separating factor—I can chat a million miles an hour about Army life and my civilian friends’ eyes glaze over. My comfort level with the Army specifically and the military in general as not minimized much in the years since my dad retired.

It is this comfort–this fluency that makes it so easy for me to say “Yes, I will be a Marine’s girlfriend.” Not because I think it will be glamorous because I know it will not be. Not because he looks Hot in his uniform especially those Blues—though he does!! Not because of a lot of other reasons, I could list—Rather because I know I can handle it and I know that I will be fine. I may not always feel like I am fluent—like I am competent but I know that I can with time, continued practice, and lots of prayer be the Women behind the Marine. Now with that comes a new community to become comfortable with; a new language to become fluent in.

My mom’s quote has been floating around in my head since mom said it. It makes it clear that I am in uncharted territory—I am in the world of the Marine Corps. What adventures wait me remain to be seen but….I am looking forward it. I have a whole other language to learn but I am ready!!


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What a Labster does….(Part 2)

…….during her summer break is always quite an adventure.

After the graduation of the class of 2010, she drove home, which made for a LONG Saturday. She began her internship at her old high school that Monday teaching Chemistry. WHAT A BLAST!!! I understand why my teachers did their jobs, even when the students are not the most appreciative people in the world. To ALL my teachers past and present, I apologize for me and my classmates. I am where I am today because of some amazing people in my life and my teachers played a huge part in my future goals. With that said; To every student that I have had, will have, and have; remember that there is a reason for what you are learning, ask if you don’t get it.

June began with my internship and ended with Girl Scouts, specifically GS Camp unit leader. As I began to work my internship, I realized I had 8 weeks of summer extra and nothing to do; so I found a job!

July was GS residential camp (grades 6-12) with 2 other unit leaders, 3 counselors and an art counselor plus the admin.

August was GS day camp(grades K-5) with two PAs and an adult and then packing as well as back to school. 🙂

A special view into camp:

Week 1 was staff training. Therefore great bonding combined with boring things with splash of water! First Aid training was just as thrilling as before BUT quite necessary. I am now small craft certified too as well health board certified. 🙂

Week 2 was Camp Scene Investigators in Blackfoot (Adirondacks) with eight girls. This was an adventure! We had a crime scene with a whole backstory. We took fingerprints, shoeprints, and did pH testing; heaven for the labrat in me.

Week 3 was Certifiable in Arapho(cabins) with three girls. We shared our site with another unit which was Director’s Cut, also three girls. This week was a lot of training for the girls and downtime for us, since the training was run by an instructor. They got certified in Pet First Aid, Babysitter Training, and Small Craft.

Week 4 was Wild Wild Sports in Crotan(platform tents) with five girls. We played flashlight tag, glow-in-the-dark football, and even all camp kickball game. This week was also the week of bad whether, so two nights we slept in the staff lodge for safety.

Week 5/6 was Go for Silver unit in Arapho with eight girls. These two weeks got very hot!! We went to bowling and the movie theater (with parental permission). We also spent a lot of time inside reading the Silver journey book: Breathe; talking about air and noise pollution; and discussing/planning their service project.

Week 7 was the junior unit during flip-flop week with 7 girls, one Program Aide as well as an adult for most of the days.

Week 8 was the junior unit during enchanted forest week with 5 girls, one program Aide as well as an adult.

Overall this summer was tiring but a blast!!!!

Snow Week

So sign that the Global Warming is actually Climate Change!!! Yet again I am looking a snow…I am talking snow similar to that of December 19, 2009 hitting my campus!!

So we got a dusting no more than 2 feet on between last Friday and Saturday as you read about in the post from last week. Then Monday was two hour delayed to allow for ice removal as was Wednesday and Tuesday was delayed one hour. Then Thursday was delayed for power issues in my science building. So overall Riding and Lab is all I saw this week oh and one education class!

Thursday was interesting. At my bi-weekly lunch with the leadership program, our College President came to visit.  It was a question answer session for us.  The president talked about much and answered all of our questions. The key points being: Be not afraid; be willing to tell others bad news as well as hear it!; The leader should be the first to take the hit and the last to take the benefits!

Then Friday morning, Right as I got off duty I discovered SNOW that is RIGHT SNOW! So had to wander into wonderful blizzard that reminded me of my drive home in December to sign out in the office. 🙂 😦  We got about 1 and 1/2 feet of snow.

Don’t get me wrong I love snow and all but I do happen to like learn, even if I complain! Lack of school makes this blogger a little antsy. While I love snow, playing in it for the time being stayed in my childhood. Until I moved to Virginia, I think snow days were a TRULY rare treat if they even happened! Yes even in NY and WA, the snow did not keep school from happening.  On top of being antsy, studying happens but so do distractions and I say oh I can do that later or I have all day!

So even though I enjoyed the snow (at least looking at it 🙂 ), I do have to say that I still have homework, although points to me for the fact that it is homework not due TOMORROW!!!  Rather those points should go to my mom and Flylady and her Student Control Journal! I procrastinate very very much!!! So Flylady is helpful : Baby steps!! 🙂

So my week as been filled was sleep (too much)….painful knees…..lessons in leadership….practice in not procrastination..and surprises! As for the surprises, let us just say they are are lovely and TOTALLY unexpected!!

The true downside of snow in this area is NO MASS!!! This is the second weekend that I have not made to it MASS; both times it because a) it got cancelled; b) I was not digging out my car much less driving in the mess that the snow makes the roads; c) SAFETY!! So online mass on ETWN or the liturgy readings and rosary has been my encounter with God; that and Open Door Service on campus if it happens tonight. 🙂

“Blizzard Bloghop”

Blizzard Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 Diva

So to start I am actually snowed in for the blizzard bloghop.

I am a crazy spazzastic Military Brat turned College student with little time on her hands. I am very talkative but don’t always make sense. In my multiple year journey through military life I have lived at seven bases (11 houses/apartments) and gone to 8/9 schools not counting college.

As for my blogging life: I just started (Nov ’09). I blab and blog about my life, experiences, and religion as well as everything in-between!!!

Questions are welcome from all??? Answers may be slow…although with this snow WHO knows! I do reserve the right not to respond or not fully respond.

Leadership, Snow, and Back to Kindergarten

So…..by the end of Saturday we had over a foot of snow!

Going to the Leadership Conference here on campus was interesting; walking in the snow in heeled boots, fancy clothes, and a dress coat was entertaining.  The director of the leadership conference was called me the ice queen. We did not get all of the participant and one of the speakers. The conference as always was well put together. The food was FANTASTIC this year. While I was listening to the speakers, i was thinking about the number of conference I have been to in my life so far, I believe the number is about 11 or so conferences which….means I may have a passion or addiction to leadership. I mean lets face it : 15 plus years as a Girl Scout and earning all or the available leadership pins and badges, plus participating in Army leadership programs, and High school as well as national leadership programs all before College and now in the leadership program here and in a leadership position (or two)….I would say passion/addiction ;).

After the conference, We all made the trek back to our residential building, at which point I discovered that I would not be going to mass, not only because I had declared it unsafe but because Father had cancelled it for safety reasons. Which left me time to do whatever I wanted….therefore I choice not to be academic and watched the 4 episodes of season 8 of 24, which was relaxing and aggravating because I figured out the answers before they did and to have to wait to see what they do for over three episodes was annoying but entertaining…..and I am not even to the end yet. I now have to wait for the new episodes while going back to finding the first 7 seasons :).

Then after much debate about whether or not we were even going to host our Saturday Late Night program, I and the other SVEA members made the trek to set up the program in the rec room at our gym. We had finger paints, play dough, games, and coloring books as well as goldfish, ants-on-a-log, fruit roll-ups, fruit snacks, and PB& J’s plus juice boxes. All in the theme of “Be a Kid” although to be honest is was a great view back at Kindergarten. 🙂 We all had blast. I did everything including finger painting! Although our program ended earlier than normal, it went wonderfully and well attended.

After a good rest, I cleaned my room and wandered through the snow with my Freshman-year roommate looking and identifying trees.

In all….A good weekend.

A weekend of movies!

New Year’s Eve, I watched Pelham 123… rather The Taking of Pelham 123. Great Story! Fantastic action mixed with a polosiable storyline that flowed. The picks for actors was great.

Sherlock Holmes (Jan 1) WAS FANTASTIC!!! It was perfect mix of action and wit/wisdom. Not sure if it was based on an actualy Sherlock Holmes story but it did indeed portray the characters appropriately!!

I got to see Inglourious Bastards, later that night. I have to say that the accents were great…..Wunderbar!!! It was very harilious and seem relistic story wise but was indeed fiction.

There was the rewatching of Quantum of Solace. It was just as good as it was the last time I saw it. Although I do have to admit that prior to watching ti this time….I only vaguely remember seeing it, which tells you how overworked/busy I am!!

And tonight (Jan 3), Julie and Julia was watched. There was much laughter!! Meryl did a fantastic job playing Julia Child. The two stories mesh well and followed fantastically.

With all this movie watching, I have come along quite well on my Cross-stitching project: A patriotic sampler!! You see this project has been on my plate so to speak for at least 10 years in many ways. I started it when I was little and then messed up and gave up. My mom helped me start over…all over and now I have been working on it on and off for the past about 5 years, mixed in with about 4 other major projects (two college seals (mine) and a Gold Award project, as well as an Old Glory cross-stitch project). Anyway…over the past four days while watching the movies (all but Sherlock…since that was seen in a movie theater), I was able to work on pieces of the sampler. I had lot done before but now can finally see it come to life!!!