“Where are you headed?”

This question was posed to me in Lent of 2015 at the front gate of my local military base. I was headed to the Friday Stations of the Cross and Soup Supper hosted by the CWOC. I was asked by the young Marine who was guarding the gate. It showed me how “different” I am when I no longer have a car with base stickers nor a military ID.

This question brought to mind the continual moving I did and most military families do during the career of the military member. It also reminds me that I am not doing that any more—the next time I make a major move it will be because I choose to due to getting my own place in town (the most likely of the three reasons); getting a job outside of my current area (have a job in the area I am happy with); or getting married.

This question also brings to mind what does the future hold for me? What is my plan? What are my goals in life?

To the first question—the answer is  I have no idea but in true military brat adventure style I look forward to finding out. As for my plan—teaching high schoolers or college students for the rest of my career; a husband and some kids would be nice but I am happy with where I am right now!

Now my goals are a little loftier—I plan on adding a certification to my teaching license (if I can ever pass the test!). After that I plan to go back to school (I am an education junkie apparently) for either a Theology Masters or a Sign Language Certification or perhaps but very unlikely a Phd.

As we journey through Lent, this question of “where are you headed?” takes on another perspective. Where is your spiritual journey taking you?  What is your next step?

I pray that my journey is taking me closer to God and closer to Heaven. These last few years have been testers and strengthen-ers of my faith. The more I learn about my faith the more I love my faith!


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……The goal of every deployment in the eyes of military family. Now of course we ‘understand’ the need for our military to be deploying but seriously, we are generally happier knowing they are safe and in arms reach.

I just, this past weekend, posted about the religious homecoming as well a the college one….I wanted to expand on the military one over here. Let me tell you from a personal view, it is an amazing thing; one of the most blessed amazing days of my life, one I will always remember.

It is not that day that really brought it home that I was really going to get the keep my father in my life for a reasonable amount (2 weeks) of time. It was two months (give or take a few days) on May 16, 200x, the official homecoming. My father marched for the last time in formation with his unit; he worked one of his last protection details; he wore his ‘war face’ one of the last times. I finally had my father home!!!

I will not deny that separation changed me and my relationship with my dad. I will say that it changed me in some amazing ways but in some ways I wish it had not. I feared him coming home, would he know me or would I know him…I don’t me recognize him, I mean would he understand what i was feeling and would I be able to relate to him??? I mean I had survived a lot with him directly there, granted not the first time but this time it was ‘more meaningful’ to me (please keep in mind that I was a teenager). I worried a lot the few weeks before and for several weeks, months, even a few years later; how much did that experience change us?

So in summary: Homecoming is joyful and much awaited but holds a certain fear/concern.

“Blizzard Bloghop”

Blizzard Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 Diva

So to start I am actually snowed in for the blizzard bloghop.

I am a crazy spazzastic Military Brat turned College student with little time on her hands. I am very talkative but don’t always make sense. In my multiple year journey through military life I have lived at seven bases (11 houses/apartments) and gone to 8/9 schools not counting college.

As for my blogging life: I just started (Nov ’09). I blab and blog about my life, experiences, and religion as well as everything in-between!!!

Questions are welcome from all??? Answers may be slow…although with this snow WHO knows! I do reserve the right not to respond or not fully respond.

The Price of Peace

Gaddis Sisters are amazing NG MBs. I have to say that they have fantastic voices too.

In some ways NG MBs have it harder because they are “suddenly military kids.”  There parents are part-time military, part-time civilian, which is admorable and hard! Not to mention that they have even less certainity in what will happen in terms of the parents deploying and TDYing; at least I had some knowledge of what might happen or at least could.

On the NG website, you can watch a video of their song and download their song (limited) as well as see their story. Their song applies to all MBs and brings back some pretty strong memories.

The ending of another decade

GOOD BYE 2009 and HELLO 2010!!!

In 1989 — I was born!! ( 😮 broke a rule 😉 that I set for my self when blog….oh well) There I do not remember that end of a decade! Other than being born…. I was baptized! I sure i did other things like learn to walk or at least crawl but we would have to discuss that with my parents or consult the picture albums.

Over then next ten years, I would move four times. Start school and go to five different schools, join Girl Scouts, start ice skating, try ballet, start soccer, and attempt rock climbing; Not to mention get hearing aids (that is right I am hearing-impaired) .  I received my first communion and first reconciliation!!

In 1999–  I will have to say that I do not remember New Year’s Eve…logically so do to the fact that I was most likely asleep.

Over the next decade— I would move 2 (if you count college 3) times, go to 4 (counting college 5) different schools, earn both my Silver and Gold Awards (as well as many other awards/pins)(G.S), Bridge for the final time (G.S), got trained as and became a G.S. camp counselor, graduate from H.S with honors, picked colleges, went to college, stop skating and playing soccer (except for the pick-up games and random times on the ice), start Horse-back riding and rock climbing, watch the twin tower collapse on 9/11, became a Resident Advisor, and made millions of memories.  I also got confirmed!!! I also began helping with CCD classes, VBS, and joined CYO!

Over the past two decades, I also got to see my father get promoted three times and retire from Active Duty.

In 2009—we shall see if I make it to Midnight….but all of ya’ that do and are OLD enough to drink have some bubbles for me!

The next decade IS going to be FABULOUS!!! I can not wait to see what GOD and I do with it!!!

Have A Blessed (and Happy) NEW YEAR !!!!


What do you remember about your childhood Christmases? What is your favorite memory?

Mine it is hard to pick….mostly because I have celebrate Christmas across the world with and without family. It is a tye between 2000 (Florida- Disneyland) and 2004 (Christmas dinner with Soldiers).  Disneyland was my big gift in 2000. It was the perfect gift because I was young enough to enjoy it without being too old to think it was dorky or stupid. Christmas Dinner with the soldiers is a special memory because I heard the “you touch her your dead” speech for the first time (If you are a MB then you then you know it as the Bazooka speech). That Christmas was the first one that I was sick during!!! I HAD this habit of getting what seemed to be the flu EVERY single Christmas for most of my childhood well into my teenage years. In 2004, we got a FAKE tree and I was not sick; turns out that I am allergic to Christmas trees!

This year, like the past five years, we spent Christmas day and the following day at my grandmother’s (Dad’s mom). With sixteen people, Christmas can and does get pretty hectic and loud, which annoys me!! But this year was better, not great but much better. Although,I would really appreciate it if my Grandmother would buy a FAKE tree. 🙂

A Late Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from an Army Brat!!!